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This Policy covers our use of the data you submit when using the site. It doesn’t cover any other websites that can be accessed from Fictionable, including sites we link to.

Data collected

We sometimes collect:

How we use data

We won’t disclose your data to anyone else, unless we’re obliged to by law, or under the terms of the conditions laid out below concerning third parties.

We store all personal data securely, according to the principles of the UK’s data protection act and the EU’s GDPR.

We use your your data so you can use the site and we can improve it. In particular for:

Third party sites and services

We use third parties for payment processing and analytics. The providers of those services have access to some of your data, within the terms of the data protection act and the GDPR, but only so they can fulfil those services. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

Linking to other websites

We sometimes link to other websites. We can’t control their content or actions, so this policy doesn’t apply to external sites.

Controlling how your data is used

If we ask you for data, you’ll always be able to restrict our use of that data. For example, by opting out of sharing analytics data with third parties.

We never use your data for profiling.

Rights to withhold information

Some parts of the site can be viewed without providing any data at all, but in order to sign up for our services and read the magazine you’ll have to give us some data.

Getting hold of your data

You can ask us for a copy of any personal data we hold. There’ll be a small fee.


We take data security very seriously and have put in place procedures to keep data collected by the site safe and secure.


We use cookies to keep the site secure, and so that people can sign in and read the magazine. We choose the cookies we use very carefully, respecting your privacy, and use them in accordance with UK and EU law.

We also use analytics services to work out how people use the site and how it could be improved. These cookies are not essential, but if you let us use them your privacy is not in any danger.

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