Evie Wyld: ‘I feel much more able to do wilder things in the present tense’

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Evie Wyld tells us about family holidays, the convolutions of time and the present tense, while we hear from the other contributors to Autumn 2022

Evie Wyld joins us for the second edition of the Fictionable podcast to spill the beans about the inspiration for her short story The Land. She tells us about childhood holidays in a rat-infested caravan on the Isle of Wight and how she’s fascinated by the twists and folds of time. She also keeps us up to the minute, confessing that she can go wild when she writes in the present tense.

We also welcome Amy Sackville, Yasmine Seale, Arinze Ifeakandu and Julian Hanshaw, who introduce all the stories in this Autumn issue – that is, when they can remember what they’ve written. And we also hear from our advisory panel: the composer Iain Chambers steps off the bench to provide the surging soundtrack to Fictionable’s audio output. Tap along right here on the site, or via Apple podcasts, Spotify, Acast and Podchaser.


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