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Etgar Keret: ‘When I write a story I also live it’
We explore how fiction can even surprise its author with Etgar Keret, and hear from all the other authors in Spring 2023
Diana Evans: ‘You can actually go quite far with very little’
We talk pared-back prose, female friendship and category errors with Diana Evans, and hear about all the other stories in Winter 2022
Evie Wyld: ‘I feel much more able to do wilder things in the present tense’
Evie Wyld tells us about family holidays, the convolutions of time and the present tense, while we hear from the other contributors to Autumn 2022
Sarah Hall: ‘At what point would you take grand steps?’
Sarah Hall talks about tackling big subjects in short fiction, the second person and the view from outside London, while we introduce all the stories from Summer 2022
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