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Fictionable has only been possible through our successful campaign on Kickstarter, which gathered support from all over the world. Many thanks to all our backers, and in particular:

Alex L
Andrew Hatchell
Andrew Irwin
Angus Poston
Ann Morgan
August Bang
Ben Pester
Brian Bondurant
Charles Budzeak
Charles Fernyhough
Charles Ward
Claudia Kemper
Daniela Petracco
David and Sue Jackson
David Horspool
Dinah Birch
Esther Godfrey
Euan Monaghan
Eva Bradshaw
Frances Goodhart
Fríða Ísberg
George Dallas and Caitlin Hart
Iain Chambers
Ian Chung
Ines Alfano
Jennifer Pellecchia
Joe Hallam
John Holloway
Jonathan & Maria
Jonathan Wakeham
Joshua Davis
Joshua Sofaer
Josie Dallas
Kate Griffin
Katherine Ibbett
Katy Derbyshire
Kymberli Martinez
Laura Goodhart
Lina Persson
Lisa Swerling
Lucie McKnight Hardy
Lucy Worsley
Måns Rydin
Marian Goldeen
Michael Stephen Caines
Michelle Pauli
Nell Boase
Nicholas Birch
Nousseïma Baraket
Oriana Leckert
Patricia Lortie
Rachael Smart
Richard Smyth
Rina Gill
Robert Potts
Ruth Sessions
Sally Bown
Sally Caunce
Silvia Crompton
Simon Innes
SM Worsey
Sophie Lewis
Stuart Evers
Thomas Hassan
Toby Lichtig
Valerie Page
Will Ashon
William Hosie
Xavier B
Zach Van Stanley



Subscriptions are available at £20 per year. Head over to our subscribe page to get four issues a year of the most exciting fiction and graphic short stories from all over the world.