Sudden shifts and great spirits

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The cherry trees are blooming, the weather is veering from shower to sun, so it’s time for Fictionable number four: Spring 2023.

Etgar Keret investigates how life can suddenly shift under our feet in Point of No Return, translated by Jessica Cohen, as Yair examines the internal workings of his relationship with Rinat. Is it really possible to wipe the slate clean? He talks about surprising himself with his own fiction on the latest edition of the Fictionable podcast, where you can hear interviews and readings from all our authors.

Lucy Caldwell channels the spirit of a great Modernist in Katherine Mansfield’s Cat, while Michael Donkor lifts the lid on an unconventional relationship with Invitation. Adaora Raji goes back to the 1960s with a story of the Biafran war, The Proper Way to Cook Oha, while Serena Katt brings this issue right up to the minute with Submerged, a graphic story forged in the era of #MeToo.



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