Misunderstanding the power of fiction

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The nights draw in, the apple trees hang heavy with fruit and so it’s time – for the second time – for Fictionable: Autumn 2022.

Issue two runs the gamut from kitchen diary to the supernatural, from an intimate encounter to the discovery of a fantastical world. Evie Wyld delves into the forest’s darkest corners in The Land, a story which is rooted in her own childhood, as she reveals on the Fictionable podcast. Amy Sackville takes us on a cruise in Manifest, while Yasmine Seale brings us a version in English of the fallout from Adania Shibli’s impulse buy, Mushrooms Withering in My Fridge.

A family secret is threatened by new development in Julian Hanshaw’s AA, while a laptop opens up an unexpected connection in Arinze Ifeakandu’s Night Birds – another of the stories in this issue with misunderstanding and miscommunication at its heart. There’s some strange synchrony in the matter of verbs as well, where – without conferring – three of our five contributors have chosen to explore the subtleties of the present tense.

Inspired by Sarah Hall’s story Be Good, which appeared in Summer 2022, the campaigner Bella Lack rounds out this issue with a reflection on the importance of fiction in the face of the climate emergency. We’ll keep putting that theory to the test, right here.



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